09 juin 2008

Outcome of the English class

Well, I don’t like that much to talk, publically about my daily life. But, this time, I have to. So, I’ll express what I feel about my year, my two semesters, of English class. First, I recognize that it’s quite useful to practice English all day long if you want to improve your skills in this language. That’s logical. That’s why I think I have improved my level of English this year. It is surely because the atmosphere was friendly and the topics quite interesting. This led everyone to express itself

However, I don’t really side with the fact that giving hundred words to learn per week would be a good idea since we forget most of them and many of them may be quite useless. It would be better to talk about some important words we can find in a text. That would make the comprehension and the interest easier. Moreover, it would also be useful, at least for the students next year, to clearly explain what the teacher expects of his students. Most of the time, we don’t really understand what is wanted for an essay, for a resume or for anything else. Giving examples and doing this kind of things in class may be helpful.

So, to conclude, I am globally satisfied by the English class, but, I have been quite surprised by the content of the course and sometimes I wondered about the fact what I saw was relevant or not since it was very different from what I did during the past seven years.

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