09 juin 2008

The show must go on

This last Friday, the whole Europe became once more again very European. This time, it’s not because of politics, but rather because of football. The European Championship of football takes place in Austria and Switzerland until the beginning of July and will oppose the best nations and teams of this sport. Then, it’s a way for this continent, through the competition to share a new experience, to share cultures or other stuffs such as different views of way of playing football or sharing blows, when hooligans meet other ones.

Why this event is important? Despite its European dimension, it’s also the second most important competition of football because of the quality of the team involved, after the world cup. They are the best teams on Earth except Brazil or Argentina (or England because they have been eliminated during the qualifying series). So, we will be able to attend some matches between France, Italy, Netherland, Germany, Spain and Portugal. When we know that, during the last world cup in 2006 the 4 semi-finalists were France, Italy, Portugal and Germany, so four European nations, you understand why the “Euro” is that important for football fans. That’s why I need to see the match between France and Germany this afternoon!

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