02 juin 2008

Boycott of France… one more time

During the last three months, the diplomatic relationships between France and China were getting worse and worse. It is because of the protestations, in Paris, against the Chinese repression in Tibet and the fact Nicolas Sarkozy threatened China not to go to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. It was seen as a betrayal by the Chinese who decided to protest back and to boycott the French products, like the Americans did in 2003.

This is not that surprising and it can be easily understood because of nationalism, dogmatism, shape of minds etc. I will not talk about it one more time but I assume you know my point about it. However, the fact the government accepts this kind of xenophobia and the fact it promotes this behavior is less understandable. Indeed, last week, the Chinese government was said to have forbidden travels’ companies to propose the French destination. It is a way to avenge against France because it is one of the major revenue of this country. The effects of such a decision have already been seen since many reservations from China have been cancelled and it’s going to be worse and worse. Hence, it would be difficult to be optimistic about the future of these two countries since even the Chinese government agrees with the reject of France.

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