19 mai 2008

Myanmar's disaster

On the May 2nd 2008, quite recently in fact, a hurricane violently hit Myanmar (or Burma, both are accepted) provoking around 77 000 deaths according to the military junta, but the result seems to be heavier that what we’re told, reaching between 100 000 and 300 000 according to the United Nations. This tragic events would provoke much more havocs than the terrible tsunami of December 2004 which killed around 100 000 people in the whole Asia. So, we have really good reasons to be upset about the situation, because the most frightening thing is that the government doesn’t act as it should do, which will increase the tragic outcome.

What do I say so? It’s simple, and I’ll explain why. Before the arrival of the hurricane, the Myanmar’s government had been informed by Indian specialists that the catastrophe was coming and it would be powerful. Despite of that, the junta didn’t do anything, didn’t warn the population and the result is that Burmese didn’t know anything about it and were not prepared for that. That can explain such a catastrophe. Moreover, this same government refused to allow Non Governmental Organizations such as the Red Cross to enter the country and then to help the needed, who are around 2 billion, and who are lacking of food and medical cares. This is awful and dramatic to abandon a population who is dying. How the military junta can do this, and how can it lie, saying to the rest of the world and its people via television that the situation is under control and that the soldiers are numerous and efficient enough to solve the problem. Maybe, and it’s surely true, it’s because of the constitutional referendum of this Sunday, the government wants to win and doesn’t want to delay, diminishing more and more the freedom of the people. How some rulers can reason like this? How come a country can be led by such an absurd government? How can political leaders be that cynical? I have no idea about it. This people deserves to be helped but it’s not possible because of its rulers. That’s indefensible and I really agree with Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign affairs minister (for once) when he says that we may consider the possibility to use the humanitarian intervention of the United Nations because this is a case of emergency. The conclusion of all of this could be, this is another reason to become misanthropist or to doubt about the human kindness.

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