05 mai 2008

Is the European Union, an incomprehensible organization?

As far as I remember, the main conversations I had about the European Union were not that great. Indeed, most of people don’t understand a lot about the European Union and are a bit afraid about it. I admit that I was one of them during many years, and even today, I don’t pretend to understand everything. Of course, most of people in Europe are proud to belong to the most important and successful regional organization on earth. But why people are not that enthusiastic about it?

The reason of such an incomprehension between the People and the Union is maybe due to the media and the national politicians. That is a bit weird when, watching the News, we notice that journalists don’t know much more that you about the European Union and its institutions whereas they try to explain it to the people. How can we understand it then? Besides, when the national governments decide an unpopular measure, they always say (it’s the case in France, the country I know the most) they have to act like this because it is a European decision and they are powerless. So, after decades of liars, people began to feel afraid and reluctant towards its Union, but it’s unfair.

So, what’s the solution? First, promote the decisions and the improvements due to the European Union would be a good idea because we forget that thanks to the EU, the fear of war between Europeans has disappeared and maybe the reason of the economical growth of this continent is because the EU. Second, explaining well the functioning of this Union would allow people to know who does what and what the role of the Union is in our daily life, what’s our own role etc. Third, stopping lying about the constraints of the EU would minimize the trend of “euro-skepticism” which is not well informed and convert most of them into the euro-optimistic trend.

So, we can find solutions in order to popularize the European Union and, if I’ve been able to understand a little bit how it works, everybody can do it!

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