05 mai 2008

The powder of the world

Today, Condoleezza Rice went to Israel in order to ask Ehoud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, to break the walls its country built around the Palestinian territory. The United States, since the last year when George W. Bush decided to solve the problem in Israel and Palestine, changed their position in this geopolitical problem, and we must applause it.

                We can’t forget the unlimited support of George W. Bush towards Israel and against, in a sense, the Palestinian people. It was obvious that the Israeli army and government abused their power against the people they ostracized from their land in 1947. I don’t want to side with those who say Israel stole the Palestinian territory (what is quite true in a sense) and must leave this “innocent” people alone.

The problem is that it’s too late now for Israeli people to leave their country because they built it and they deserve to live there now. Moreover, we can’t side with those, such as the Hamas’ militants or Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad president of Iran, who want to “score out Israel from the map”. Such a speech is intolerable and we have to condemn it.

However, accepting that this new state, because it’s supported by the most powerful country of the world, I mean the United States, can do everything it wants toward a weaker population is unacceptable. During too much time, the United States didn’t say anything against those awful deeds what maybe provoked the anti-American feeling all over the world and especially in the Arabic world which considered that the United States were against the Arabic people. So, trying to solve the problem by changing its strategy may be a good opportunity for this area which suffered too much of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

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