21 avril 2008

The departure of a great “nègre”

As I’m from Guadeloupe, I have heard, during the many years I spent there, a lot about a man, who fought against the paradox of a society, of a country, of a people towards a part of what composes the French Identity. Aimé Césaire, a wonderful writer from Martinique, a politician and a philosopher died this week, he was 94 years old.                 He left us an awesome legacy. With Leopold Sédar Senghor and Léon Gontran Damas, he created a literary movement, called “negritude”... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2008

I love you… neither do I

After the fiasco of the Olympic flame’s tour in Paris, France became one of the enemies of China, maybe the worst. What is the reason of such hatred between two people which were so happy to trade few months ago? Maybe I gave one of the reasons, that is to say, the numerous protestations of French people against China and the actions of its government. They consider this regime as one of the most authoritarian and one of the most imperialistic. Who is true? French and Western people who think that the Chinese government is awfully... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2008

« Un gesto de humanismo, un caso sobre la mesa »…

                Six years ago, Ingrid Betancourt, the former Franco-Colombian candidate of the green party for the presidential elections in Colombia was kidnapped by the FARC, the armed forces of the Colombian revolution, in order to receive money thanks to an exchange or to exchange her against prisoners. The FARC did a great action since Ingrid Betancourt is very popular in France and in Colombia, what assured them be considered as credible opponents and not to be bombed by the... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2008

My description of...

Today, I’d like to talk about a country I’ve really discovered this year. To be honest, before last August, I didn’t know a lot about it. In fact, I just knew that it is a small island, in South-East Asia, near Malaysia and that one of the most important people there is Lee Kwan Yew who built a new society, a new conception of civilization, but I didn’t know what it was. Hence, my knowledge about Singapore, I considered to be the Monaco to Asia, was not so rich, and I was ashamed because of that.        ... [Lire la suite]
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