21 avril 2008

I love you… neither do I

After the fiasco of the Olympic flame’s tour in Paris, France became one of the enemies of China, maybe the worst. What is the reason of such hatred between two people which were so happy to trade few months ago? Maybe I gave one of the reasons, that is to say, the numerous protestations of French people against China and the actions of its government. They consider this regime as one of the most authoritarian and one of the most imperialistic. Who is true? French and Western people who think that the Chinese government is awfully unfair or the Chinese people who consider that their government is not that authoritarian and that the Western vision broadcast by the media about their country is totally biased. Well, what about the vision of CCTV, one of the most important Chinese channel? Is it a model of objectivity? Who is true, who is wrong?

This week, a lot of protestations occurred in several Chinese cities (even in Paris, by the Chinese population which lives in France). Their goal was to protest against the Western world and especially France. Maybe we could compare this with what happened in the US after France refused to go in Iraq. Some American wanted to boycott French products and they hated French people, like some Chinese today. During the protests, some slogans and some banners were quite shocking. Indeed, they said that Jeanne d’Arc was a prostitute or they drew Nazi signs upon a French Flag. It is surprising that the Chinese government allowed these protestations and these messages whereas they refuse most of the time the other projects of protests. It is the third one allowed since 1989.

So, maybe the Chinese government tries to gather its people against a common enemy, against a different world which doesn’t understand them, which doesn’t like them. It’s easier to unify a people against something than for something.

Of course it’s difficult to judge a country according to its own criteria, and the reaction of Chinese people is easily understandable. However, it would be better not to criticize the media of a country whereas the media of its own country do the same, or are maybe worse. Of course it’s not possible to apply a regime which works in a country upon another one, but, we can’t deny that what happen in some countries such as repression, tortures, shape of minds, violation of Human Rights etc. would rather be deleted all over the world. That is why I always promote the ability of everybody to criticize what needs to be criticized in order to avoid what would rather be avoided.  Well, my point is not to say that my vision is the best ever. Nevertheless, I want people to know that the criticisms that we saw in France or in other Western countries were not against the Chinese people. We can’t criticize a whole people, and it’s even worse when it is formed of more than 1.3 billion people and more than 50 ethnic groups. Those protests were against political elite, a government. The solution is not to feel offended and to hide against nationalism. It would be better to use the criticisms of the other in order to improve the situation. It’s an idealistic point of view, but I wanted to be idealistic once.

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