07 avril 2008

« Un gesto de humanismo, un caso sobre la mesa »…

                Six years ago, Ingrid Betancourt, the former Franco-Colombian candidate of the green party for the presidential elections in Colombia was kidnapped by the FARC, the armed forces of the Colombian revolution, in order to receive money thanks to an exchange or to exchange her against prisoners. The FARC did a great action since Ingrid Betancourt is very popular in France and in Colombia, what assured them be considered as credible opponents and not to be bombed by the Colombian army. The aim of this organization is to “protect the interests of the people”, to create a Marxist and equal state in Colombia. Considering only this point, there isn’t any problem; this ideal can even be a good one. However, it is a bit paradoxical since they use other people to serve their interests, they sacrifice them to achieve their goals. Finally, it is not as fair and equal as the leaders of this organization can pretend. The means used are very reprehensible, that is why their ideology and their ideals are less and less credible.

                Besides, the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt and all the other hostages is scandalous because they have destroyed the life of so many people arbitrarily. In the case of Ingrid Betancourt, the one we know the most because it is the most broadcast on the media, we can’t not being moved by her situation. Indeed, she fought to improve the situation in Colombia, she involved in the politics of her country and despite of that, she has been kidnapped, annihilating everything she has tried to do. That is such a sad and unfair story! How come this movement can still be followed knowing their awful deeds? How come could they betray their original ideal?

                Furthermore, we recently have learnt that the health of Ingrid Betancourt is really bad. She suffers of many diseases and she’s in danger of death if we don’t cure and free her. The problem, it’s that she’s the toy of the FARC and of the Colombian president Uribe which seems to do everything he can in order to keep its authority and to avoid any trade with the FARC, even if it condemn some hostages like Ingrid Betancourt. The proof is that he refused Hugo Chavez to trade with the FARC whereas he has good relations with them, but it could jeopardize his power and the sovereignty of his country. But, the idea of sovereignty didn’t avoid him to order the murder of the second most important leader of the FARC in Equator, without warning the authorities of the country of Equator. That is paradoxical. So, if the political leaders who are involved in this situation, I mean the presidents of France, Colombia, Venezuela, Equator, Bolivia and the leaders of the FARC want to avoid a tragedy, that is to say the death of an innocent person, they would better not using her as a geopolitical weapon and doing “un gesto de humanismo, un caso sobre la mesa”, what she said to the FARC just before to be kidnapped, what means to prove that they are intelligent enough to act before it’s too late.

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