25 mars 2008

“Atlantism”, a dangerous foreign policy?

This Week, Nicolas Sarkozy decided to send 1 000 French soldiers in Afghanistan, in order to help the NATO’s forces there to fight against the Talibans and to teach the Afghani army. This decision might be pretty well-advised since it is a way to fight against “terrorism” and to allow a country to rise up after the past catastrophes such as the war against the USSR, the Taliban’s dictatorship, the war against the US etc. Of course we must help this country, which is one of the poorest ones and which is very strategic because many members of Al Qaeda are still hidden there, because the traffic of opium is a main issue and it has a border with Pakistan, another turbulent country. Hence, acting for Peace, Human Rights and the interest of a people is a good initiative as long as we don’t act like the Administration of the current American president, George W. Bush which acted unilaterally in order to “free” the Iraqis against the Baas government and its chief Saddam Hussein. We know what happened…

The link with the American government and its diplomacy allows me to reach the main topic of my essay, the “Atlantism” of Nicolas Sarkozy, that is to say following everywhere and every time the United States into their actions all over the world whatever they say and decide. In the recent past, one of the most “Atlantist” political chief was Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who decided to send the British troops in Iraq, into one of the most scandalous war. The invasion of Iraq by the USA, the UK and other allies, was a stupid decision, for all the reasons I said in a former article. However, following the USA in this mad undertaking is maybe worse because we support a policy which is going to fail and we support its authors even if we know the imminent disastrous consequences. Nowadays, most of the political chiefs realized that the Bush’s government provoked too many disasters. It’s a feeling shared almost everywhere, even in the United Kingdom…

Nevertheless, now we hope that the United States will finally elect a competent president which will find a solution to resolve the problems the Bush’s policies have provoked, Nicolas Sarkozy became the most fervent supporter of George W. Bush, a president who lost all his credibility, changing the French political line from which we were very proud. Moreover, his speech into the US Congress was a scandal! There, he said that, “each time a GI dies, he reminds to the sacrifice of the United States during the WWII” and that the strategy of George W. Bush to fight against terrorism is the good one. That is the reason why I can say Nicolas Sarkozy is committing an awful mistake because he supports a “looser” and plays the shameful role of the subordinate. Now, Sarkozy tries to play a major role into the NATO even if it means to annihilate the French diplomatic tradition like the de Gaulle, Mitterrand or Chirac ones. What a shame! When we know what happened to the UK, which played the same role than we are going to play soon, we can be frightened. France has always been well seen in the Arabic World (if we except Syria and the Maghreb), what prevented us against some terrorist attacks such as the one which occurred in London or Madrid. To conclude, putting an end to our former strategy is dangerous, and what about “Atlantism”? We can hope that the next American president will be better advised and more moderate, what would prevent France to follow them into new catastrophes.

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