08 mars 2008

From disasters to a shining future?

The United States are known all over the world because of their ideal of democracy and freedom and also because they are the most powerful country of the world economically, military, culturally and politically speaking. This model has been tainted by the two disastrous mandates of the President Georges W. Bush who went in Iraq with no justified reason, who lied to the whole international community, provoked the explosion of the Middle-East which was already a mess, destroyed the international precarious equilibrium, led the United-States to one of the most conservative period, wasted billion of dollars into the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan and into the military budget, the increase of the social inequalities, the use of the 9/11 as a pretext to justify his awful policies and the fact that his administration was said to be one of the worst incompetent of the American History. This long period, around 8 years, made the United-States quite unpopular all over the world whereas this country doesn’t really deserve that.

Now we have done this brief summary of the American political situation, let’s talk about the future which looms on the horizon. Currently, News is dominated by the American primary elections which will involve the two main candidates and among them, the future president. This is important since it definitely puts a final end to the “Bush’s Era” which provoked many disasters the successor of Georges W. Bush will inherit. Indeed, now, the country is stuck in Iraq, a war which swallows up around 300 thousand million dollars and that has increased considerably the US debt (around 8000 thousand million dollars) and that's why America lost a lot of its credibility towards the other nations. For all these reasons, the task will be very arduous for the next resident of The White House and the Americans must make the good choice. Will they be more enlightened than 4 years ago when they reelected Georges W. Bush for “four more years” despite the fails of his policies? We can be skeptical because of that for the reason I used just above.

However and hopefully, the minds in the US have considerably changed since the second mandate of Georges W. Bush. They became aware of what really happened in Iraq, that the strategy there is a complete failure, that social problems are bigger than before and that the Bush administration is one of the less competent since the WWII. Besides, the Democrat candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton which are whispered to win the future presidential election in November 2008 according to some surveys, are really opposite to the views of Bush and of the Republicans (what is such a good new, knowing the Bush's and Republicans' ideas). Indeed, they propose to create a healthcare more or less universal according to the candidate and they both decided to change the strategy in Iraq and hurry the return of the GI’s there. These two points are the main issues of the next election. People are really moved by the deaths of more than 3200 GI’s, by the huge increase of inequalities and by the economical crisis due to unefficient policies since the beginning of the first mandate of the current president and the crisis called “subprime” for instance. Thus, that is why we may think that the political situation in the United-States will improve and that, even if Obama or Clinton win the primary elections because their program seems to be better to resolve the current problems. Nevertheless, the fact that billion of Americans are quite conservative, that they are afraid to have a woman or a black as a president can lead the country to an other era such as the Bush’s one. Finally, we can have hopes if one of the democrat candidates wins, but, if it’s McCain, the conservative Republican candidate from Arizona, we will have good reasons to worry about the US and the rest of the world since McCain espouses some of Bush’s views such as the fact that America has to stay in Iraq or that abortion is "pure evil". Hence, Will America go to a prosperous era or settle definitely in a loathsome mess?

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    very interesting Fabien...I totally agree with you.I like your idea.
    keep on posting, Fabien!

    Posté par from japan, 10 mars 2008 à 16:25 | | Répondre
  • very interesting Fabien...I totally agree with you.I like your idea.
    keep on posting, Fabien!

    Posté par from japan, 10 mars 2008 à 16:41 | | Répondre
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